Sep 21, 2011

Stressful month...

Received a bad news from last month: my landlord wants to take her house back before October.
Shit, already September now, only 1 month to go. It's ok, I go look for the house right the hell now.
Found another nice flat somewhere in Long Ping, bigger than my old house, similar rent rate, I thought "Yeah God bless me!"
But the house owner didn't sign the contract with me and hold me up for 2 weeks, then I was told the house is sold and not gonna rent to anyone. He fucking wasted me 2 weeks to wait for nothing.
Then I started my painful journey again, I've been Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun, and somewhere I don't even know the name and no train access. None of them is suitable: rent rate ridiculously high, or so far that you think you are away from civilization.
Finally, I come back to where I started from, the house by next door is for rental. FUCK YEAH!
Rent costs 1k more but at least I don't even need to hire a truck for moving. I can just move all my stuff to the next door. I don't need to move to nowhere from human being. I can stay at the same place, same building.

Since that, this is what I feel about Hongkong: This ain't a place for human being to live, no joke.

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